Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you speak a lot of Languages ?

Do you know what people call those of speak more 2 languages ? 3 languages ? 7 languages ?

If you speak 2 languages, you are bilingual
If you speak 3 languages, you are trilingual
If you speak many many languages, it's easy to say that you are Multilingual.
that makes you a Multilingual person or a Polyglot :)

btw.... Indonesia's first President Soekarno was a Polyglot, as so was Gus Dur
in fact, we have a lot of polyglots in Indonesia, a lot of us can speak many of the local dialects such as the Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Bataknese, etc plus English of course and a lot of us are learning another foreign language such as French or Dutch.
I think, in the near future, most of us would definitely be polyglots :D

If you wanna know more :)
1- Monolingual
2- Bilingual
3- Trilingual

after 3 languages, we usually just say Multilingual or refer to someone as a Polyglot.

4- Quadrilingual
5- Pentalingual
6- Hexalingual
7- Septalingual
8- Octolingual
9- Nonalingual
10- Decalingual

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